Product Review: Silk Almond Milk

Whether you are looking to avoid milk products for health reasons, or simply because you choose a vegan or Paleo lifestyle, this Almond Milk is definitely worth a try. I personally use it as a replacement for typical milk on a daily basis. My kids enjoy it in their gluten-free cereals, and will drink the…


Product Review: Bionaturae Penne Rigate Pasta Gluten Free

Bionaturae pasta offers one of the most delicious and similar-to-semolina noodle in both taste and texture. Aside from being certified organic and Kosher, the pasta (made with rice, potato and soy) acts amazingly like the boxed pastas we grew up eating. Next to homemade pasta, this product is top-of-the-line when it comes to prepackaged gluten-free…


Product Review: Ener-G Egg Replacer

The biggest brand in egg-substitutes became that way for a reason. Whether you are choosing to remove egg from your diet due to allergies, or simply to follow a Vegan diet, this egg replacement or substitute is perfect for baked goods and other dishes. (I will use absolutely nothing else for my Vegan Almond-Coconut Cake…


Product Review: Amy’s Rice Crust Spinach Pizza

I happen to love spinach, so I was excited to try the non-dairy, gluten-free version of Amy’s Spinach Pizza when I found it in my local grocer.  I thoroughly enjoyed the the taste of the rice crust and spinach and soy-based mozzarella topping. However, be forewarned that if you are looking for a traditional-tasting pizza…

Muir GlenTomato Paste

Product Review: Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste

What some people may not realize is that many tomato pastes… especially flavored ones… contain wheat or wheat-derivatives; making them a no-no for those on a gluten free diet. One company that offers an organic and wheat-free alternative is Muir Glen. Being a tomato lover, I am picky about the canned tomatoes that I choose…

Arrowhead Mills

Product Review: Arrowhead Mills – Organic Brown Rice Flour

The Organic Brown Rice flour from Arrowhead Mills is a good gluten-free solution for creating flour blends, and more. It should be noted that this particular brand is milled less finely than others that I have tried; creating a thicker and more grainy texture. I personally used it for dusting blueberries (before putting into homemade…

ginger snaps

Product Review: Annie’s Homegrown Ginger Snap Bunny Cookies

The Annie’s Homegrown Gluten Free Ginger Snap box was filled with extremely flavorful, crunchy little cookies shaped like bunnies. As a testament to the deliciousness, the entire package was devoured in approximately two minutes flat by three kids under the age of thirteen. The box doesn’t lie as it states they “go fast!”  In fact,…


Book Review: Gluten Freedom

By Alessio Fassano, M.D. Founder and Director of the Center for Celiac Research at Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School with Susie Flaherty Leading expert in the field of celiac disease and gluten-related disorders, Dr. Alessio Fasano writes a wonderfully thorough treatise about the etiology of celiac disease worldwide and in the U.S. 

Olivia's Crout

Product Review: Olivia’s Croutons

If you have celiac disease and are dining out, how many times have you said, “Please don’t  put croutons on my salad!  If you do, I’ll need a whole new salad. Don’t just remove the croutons and give me the same salad.  It will already be cross-contaminated!!!” Well, no more do you have to give…