An Amazing Gluten-Free Wedding

After successfully arresting the digestive nightmare we discovered six years ago when she was diagnosed with celiac disease, I’m happy to say that our beautiful daughter, Chelsea, found her Mr. Gluten-Tolerant. The dating scene is primarily rife with food and eating out as central forms of socializing.  Chelsea was pretty frustrated with the amount of…

Gluten-Free eDating

Are you gluten-free and looking for a mate? As internet dating becomes more common, online match-up sites are becoming more particular. So it should come as no surprise that an entrepreneurial minded, gluten-free gal came up with the notion of pairing gluten-free folks with each other. Marcella Romaya co-founded because she saw many of…


Kid Watch: Gluten Free Toy Market Growing Up

You take the time to carefully pack your child’s school lunch and snacks, have spoken to the teachers about not exposing them to gluten, and educated your child about what foods to avoid. But what are you missing? Well, what else goes in their mouths? The answer is toys – specifically arts and craft items.…


Living with Roommates

It’s a good idea to inform your future roommates about your needs in the kitchen before you actually move in together. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions on how to deal with the roomies.


Off to College, Gluten-Free

More and more schools are offering gluten-free options in the cafeteria, but if your college is behind the curve, here are some suggestions on how to get by: Advocate for yourself by making an appointment to speak with the cafeteria manager. Suggest that they set up a designated and identified gluten-free refrigerator/freezer stocked with gluten-free lunch…


Dating Tips

It’s a challenge for a gluten-intolerant person to not only date, but also try to keep themselves safe and healthy without appearing “high maintenance.” We'll show you how to diminish the stress by having a plan.